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Sex dolls

lovedoll sex doll

Have you dreamed of a companion with an ideal body who would fulfill all your dreams and fantasies? You are in the right place at the moment, because is definitely the e-shop with the best selection of sex dolls in Estonia. Here are especially lifelike sex dolls for you. Big breasts, slim waist, big butt or whatever your dream partner is. When we say “sex doll”, we are no longer talking about rubber, inflatable dolls. realist sex doll is the companion of your dreams. Sex dolls are made of the best silicone-like material TPE. The sex doll is discreet, faithful and always obedient. The steel skeleton ensures the best flexibility, and the doll can be made to take the desired poses.

Sex dolls in the e-store come in different body types and lengths. If desired, it is also possible to choose a sex doll that stands on its own feet. Also available is full body warm-up + sex doll voices. The sex dolls have realistic oral, anal and vaginal cavities, which can be heated with the included heating rod if desired.

All sex dolls for sale in our e-shop are complete for photos, so that it is easier for you to find a partner you like. In fact, all sex dolls are assembled according to the order. If instead you would like a companion with, for example, Roxanne’s body, Alyssa’s face, Lucia’s hair, but 165cm tall, standing on her feet with full body heating, whose skin tone could be brown, write to us and we will find a solution – everything is possible!

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What do Lovedoll sex dolls really look like?

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seks nukk


seks nukk

sex dolls are made of silicone like material

Additional information about sex dolls

Stroking Lovedoll dolls feels amazingly similar to human skin. This is possible thanks to TPE and silicone. For the most realistic touch, TPE and silicone are the best choices. TPE is very soft and gentle and the most similar material to our skin.


  • Slightly denser than TPE and therefore more durable
  • Higher price
  • Easier to clean
  • Suitable for contact with people

TPE – Thermoplastic Elastomer

  • Natural and gentle touch
  • Realistically jiggling breasts and butt
  • More elastic – allows the dolls’ elbows, knees, etc. to be more flexible
  • Pleasant heat retention
  • Cheaper
  • Suitable for contact with people
  • Less durable than silicone if you don’t take good care of it

The lifespan of your sex doll depends on how much you use it and how you take care of it. It can be said to last from 1 to 10 years. The more you use it, the more it will likely wear out. To store and care for the sex doll, we strongly recommend reading the care instructions. Don’t worry if some damage appears after use. It is quite easy to repair a sex doll without special tools.

Cleaning the sex doll is a crucial part of this relationship. Cleaning and hygiene are important not only for their well-being, but also for your well-being. it is not difficult to clean a Lovedoll sex doll and it is not very time consuming. Please read carefully the instructions on how to care for your sex doll and how to clean it.

The best way to store your sex doll is in a vertical, hanging position. We also sell a hanging hook, which is the best way to store your sex doll.

Some clients store them in a sitting position, others in a lying position. Both of these popular storage positions are fine if you’re sure she won’t be wearing tight clothing or dark-colored fabrics for long periods of time. Dark colored fabrics or items such as newspapers may stain the doll’s skin after prolonged exposure.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can dry out your sex doll, and elasticity may be lost.

Do not store Lovedoll sex dolls clothed for long periods of time. Dark colored fabrics may stain the doll after prolonged contact. Tight clothes or their elastic bands can leave marks when worn for a long time. Prolonged direct sunlight may damage the surface of the doll and it may fade unevenly. Your sex doll is delicate as a woman – don’t keep her hot or cold. This can change the characteristics of your doll over time. Freezing and strong heat should be avoided. Prolonged pressure points can leave permanent defects on the doll.

The best way to store the doll is in a hanging position with a special hanger or place it on a soft surface, in a natural lying position.

Avoid dark and tight clothing. If you still want to dress them in dark clothes, it is recommended to wash them first. After enjoying the sex doll, remove the dark clothes. Loose and light clothes go well. Avoid contact of the doll with magazines or other materials that may impart color.

Additional metal supports can be seen under the sole of the doll standing on its feet (on the right in the picture).

All dolls from a height of 158cm are able to stand on their feet. Additional supports are removable

Dolls can wear high-heeled shoes, but not in a standing position. A standing doll can only stand with flat shoes or bare feet.

sex dolls are delivered fast and discreetly sex dolls – delivery

We deliver sex dolls free of charge across Europe in about 2 weeks. For some products, the delivery time may be longer

Yes, with prior agreement with the courier company, you can pick up your doll yourself.

Yes, it is not possible to get an idea of the contents of the package from the package.

We cannot rule out that the customs will not open the package for inspection, but since the shipments are addressed to our company first, you do not have to worry about information leaking. So far, customs haven’t opened any of our orders.

No, all costs are included in our price

We deliver the package free of charge across Europe in about 1-2 weeks. Some products may have a longer delivery time

We will send the tracking code once we hand the doll over to the courier.

The Lovedoll doll is specially assembled for you. Once assembly has already started, you cannot cancel the order. If the product does not correspond to the description or is defective, you can request a partial refund or cancel the order

As a sex doll is a very intimate matter, you can only return the doll if it does not match the description or is defective.

The Lovedoll sex doll comes in the package naked and without a wig.

In addition to the doll, the set includes:

  • The wig in the picture
  • Underwear (random selection)
  • Heating rod (USB)
  • Gloves
  • Vaginal douche
sex dolls last long if you take care of them

Sex doll maintenance

Cleaning is much easier if you have the right tools that you keep in a safe place and only use them to clean your sex doll.

  • Mild antibacterial soap
  • Vaginal douche
  • A soft sponge with a handle
  • Shower
  • Soft and absorbent towel

Cleaning the vagina is extremely important, as well as cleaning the anus and mouth. The easiest way to clean them is to use a vaginal douche. You can easily buy them even at the pharmacy.

Fill the flusher with soapy water (a mild antibacterial soap) and then squirt the water into the doll’s vagina. Repeat this step several times to flush everything out of the doll’s vagina. Then fill the flusher with clean water and rinse the sex doll’s vagina a few more times to get rid of all the substances inside. If you want extra cleaning power or simply forgot to wash your doll after use, the stemmed wash sponge is perfect for extra cleaning of your sex doll’s vagina, anus and mouth.

A shower head for cleaning the doll’s cavities is also available in our shop

To clean the rest of the doll’s body, simply take her into the shower with you. Cleaning a sex doll can be extremely pleasant if you shower together. Basically just give her a nice soapy shower like you would a real woman. They will thank you for it by providing you with pleasurable experiences again and again.

Do not submerge the doll’s head under water!

Once you’ve finished cleaning the sex doll, it’s time to dry it. Use a soft, absorbent towel to gently dry the skin. Do not rub!

A doll’s wig gives her half of her charms, everyone can agree. Cleaning a wig is not difficult. You just need to remove the wig from the doll’s head and use a mild shampoo when washing. Fill the sink with water and gently dip the wig into it. Rinse off the shampoo and apply conditioner to your hair, then rinse again. If you don’t want to go the extra step, just buy a shampoo that contains hair conditioner.

After washing the wig, let it dry naturally overnight. Do not use a hair dryer.

Use only water-based lubricants! Oil- or silicone-based lubricants can damage the doll.

Do a light cleaning after each use, but a thorough cleaning should be done no later than every 30 days.

If the skin becomes sticky, the Lovedoll care powder helps. Apply the care powder to the surface of the doll with a special brush

  1. Do not allow the doll to come into contact with materials that may impart color, such as magazines, dark-colored materials, or leather materials, as this may cause color transfer.
  2. Do not leave the doll in direct sunlight for long periods of time, as the material may lose its oils and become stiff
  3. If you really want to ensure your doll’s longevity, store her in a hanging position using a hanging kit
  4. Do not drop the doll as this may damage its body and skeleton
  5. Use clothes on your doll that do not give off color
  6. Do not share your doll with others to avoid spreading diseases

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